Our Mission

We endeavour to provide the best possible teaching and curriculum; we want your child to make progress and achieve the very best they can; but most of all we want the children at KGIS to be happy and enjoy their life with us.

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We follow the British education system, which has a worldwide reputation for quality.

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100 Courses
30 Teachers
1000 Alumni

Our Teachers

Our Educational Programmes



1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2. Communication and Language
3. Physical Development
4. Literacy

5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the World
8. Expressive Arts and Design


Key Stage 1

  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Science & ICT
  • Geography & History
  • Art & Music
  • PE

Key Stage 2

The Same core and foundation subjects covered in Key Stage 1, With:
1. Adding written work.
2. Responsibility & leadership Skills Buliding.
3. Level of homework increases to 3 half hourly week.


Senior School

Ages From 11 - 18 Year old.
1. GCSE Exams at Year 11 End.
2. A Level & IB Exams at year 13 End.

Apply To K.G.I.S

We welcome applications to our school all year round and always try to deal with applications as quickly and as sensitively as possible. We are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications from students of all abilities.

Working At K.G.I.S

Staffing Values & Enviroment

As one of Sudan’s premier British international schools with over 100 staff (full time, part time and flexible workers), the KGIS is a vibrant, diverse and well-established employer. We offer challenging and rewarding careers, where professional development is encouraged. Attractive benefits such as competitive pay, tax concessions, collective health insurance make it worthwhile choosing to work at the KGIS.

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School Year Started on the 15th of September

Excellence in Education

Khartoum GEMS is one of the leading schools in Sudan

Marshall Nature Reserve Visit

Year one students on a trip to Marshall natural reserve

Our Latest Events

Marshall Nature Reserve Visit

Year one students on a trip to Marshall natural reserve.


The National Museum Visit

Educational trip to the museum.


Costume Party

A costume party was held at the school campus.


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